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Water resistant watches for women

Water resistant watches for women are available in different price ranges, in different degrees of water resistance and from different brands. That a women’s watch is waterproof does not automatically mean that you can dive into the pool when wearing it. Whether or not a watch can withstand, depends on the number of meters, bar (air pressure) or ATM (atmosphere). For example, in some cases a water resistant watch is only resistant to water when washing hands, but is not suitable for showering. This watch will therefore have a low number of meters, bar or ATM. When you want a watch that is suitable for scuba diving, it needs a higher number of meters. To compare - a watch that is resistant to small amounts of water like splashing from washing your hands is 30 meters (3 bar) waterproof, a watch suitable for scuba diving is 200 meters (20 bar) waterproof. On this page you will find all the information about water resistance.

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Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay
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Your perfect water resistant watch for women

In our range of waterproof watches for women you will find brands such as Swatch and Casio, in various colors and materials. However, these are often the more "fashion brands" with a lower level of water resistance, which makes that these watches (may) have a finer appearance. However, the disadvantage is that in most cases they are not suitable for swimming.

Most of the time, watches with a higher level of water resistance (for example diving watches) have a coarser appearance. This type of watch is often equipped with a movable bezel (ring), on which the remaining dive time can be read. In addition, the watch band is often made of rubber, resin or stainless steel. When you are more concerned with quality and functionalities, choose a watch brand such as Tissot, Citizen or Edox. In this case you know for sure that you don't have to worry and you can fully enjoy your dive!

Please note: leather watch bands are not water resistant!