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Hugo Boss watches

The Hugo Boss watch collection consists of two lines: HUGO and BOSS. The watches in the BOSS line are businesslike with a subtle design and color and are more suitable to wear in a more formal setting or with a suit. HUGO watches, on the other hand, are functional, fashionable and informal. Perfect to wear in your free time. Whether you are looking for a business or casual watch – Hugo Boss supplies a suitable watch for every occasion and every wish.

Popular search terms: Mens, Ladies, Boss, Hugo, Gold en Sale.

194 watches

Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay

Characteristics of Hugo Boss watches: luxurious materials, detail & quality

Quality and a focus on detail are the key features of all Hugo Boss watches, whether you opt for the casual fashion feel of HUGO or the striking subtlety of BOSS. What is characteristic of Hugo Boss watches is the use of luxurious materials. When you purchase a watch from this brand, you can assume that it will last a long time. 
For example, you can choose a watch with a steel watch strap and stainless steel watch case - robust and timeless. If you prefer a classic watch, a brown or black leather watch strap may be more suitable. If you're a sporty type, take a look at the HUGO collection for a watch with a white or black silicone strap.

Looking for an affordable Hugo Boss watch? Then take a look at our Hugo Boss Sale page for the best Hugo Boss watch offers.

Hugo Boss watch gold

Gold is one of the most popular colors for men's watches and also the most sought after by Hugo Boss. That is why we have already collected all gold toned Hugo Boss watches for you on our page Golden Hugo Boss watches.

Freshen up your watch with a new leather Hugo Boss watch band

Tired of the band or bracelet  on your Hugo Boss watch? Why not take a look at our collection of Hugo Boss watch bands. Here you will find leather Hugo Boss bands, but also silicone bands and steel bracelets in the colors black, brown, silver, gold and many more.

Buy your Hugo Boss watch at is the online specialist in brand watches, where service and expertise are paramount. Need advice? Our customer service representatives are waiting for your call or email.