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The people behind the online watch store

Holland Watch Group - The watch specialist

A title like ‘The watch specialist’ creates expectations... and rightly so. We happily accept the responsibility that comes with it. We have a passion for watches! But not only that, our staff are also a specialists in their own field. All processes in our organization are focused on the fact that the watches get the care and attention they deserve. Personalized attention, reliability and professionalism characterize our organization.

Management team

"We don’t aim for satisfied customers, but for enthusiastic ambassadors."

As management we provide direction, guidance and vision to the company. We are constantly looking for new occasions to surprise you with our knowledge and expertise. Each moment you are in contact with our organization, should give you an unequivocal good experience; that’s what we guarantee you as management.

Rob: "I am proud to see after more than 20 years there is still so much momentum, enthusiasm and passion within the staff."

Watch makers

"The authority in our house"

Our watchmakers are the backbone of our company. They embody the concept: 'The watch specialist.' They gladly share their expertise with all their colleagues and you, our customer. Replacing or adjusting movements, polishing watches and serious repair jobs can often be performed more quickly because all the knowledge and equipment are available in house and we don’t depend on third party suppliers.

"We are proud to be Level 3 certified by Swatch Group. That counts for something! "

IT & Marketing team

"We know our visitors, however many there are!"

Our marketing and IC team is young, trendy and on top of the latest developments. To provide the best user experience, it is important that we know all the possibilities. It doesn’t matter how you arrived at our website, and which device you use, behind the scenes we will help guide you in making your choice.

"With great pleasure we take care of the findability and the description of the watches, thus creating the right surroundings for the watches and brands we offer on our websites. A huge, but fantastic challenge because every brand and product is different."


"Eye for detail, because each watch has a message."

Our top beauties with brains ensure that every product looks radiant on the website, but they also ensure that all specifications of the watches are correct.
Jasmin: "To work together with my twin sister Norkis for the same employer is a dream. We both find that a good product picture tells more than 1000 words. "


"Ultimately it's all about the way you receive the product: fast and in working order.”

A good site is one thing, but of course you want the watch you ordered for yourself or as a gift to run on time and be neatly giftwrapped. The actual product delivered into your hands, has been handled by these people.

"We ensure that your watch is clean, neatly packed and handed over to the postal service on time. Every watch that leaves our office has received personal attention of one of us."

Sales team

"As specialists we offer you the best service and make sure your questions are answered quickly."

All your questions by phone or e-mail are channeled to these people. They will respond to you with the proper answer, are aware of everything that there is to know about postal tracking and watches. Of course everybody within the company helps them, because nobody knows everything.

"Working in aftersales in our organization is one of the most challenging jobs I've ever had. The amount of knowledge that you should have on logistics and watches is enormous. But the appreciation that we get from customers is heartwarming."

Breda staff

"A warm welcome in Breda"

Our team in Breda loves to help you with fitting a new strap, changing batteries and will gladly show you the watch brands that are available in the shop. From Casio watches up to Maurice Lacroix, it's all there. On the big screen you can even shop all the watches that are stored at our head office in Rotterdam.
"The best thing is to help a customer choose a watch. We love to take the time to find the perfect watches for him or her. With our expertise we can really assist our customers."

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