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Seiko Astron watches

The Seiko Astron watch is perhaps the most complete watch that Seiko has ever produced. Precision is key with an Astron. Every day, the watch connects with four satellites by means of GPS. In addition, the watch itself identifies the time zone and sets the watch exactly on time with a maximum deviation of just 1 second in 100,000 years. An Astron watch is not only a powerhouse, but it is also a very beautiful watch. It is in fact finished to the highest Japanese standards. Curious about our selection? View the Mastersintime.com collection here.

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Astron GPS solar

The name Seiko Astron has been in use since 1969 when Seiko introduced the very first quartz watch ever made. Today, the name Astron still stands for innovation. The Astron is the first GPS solar watch in the world. In addition, the watch is also very energy efficient. Normally it takes a lot of energy to connect via a GPS module to the satellites circling above earth. The GPS module developed by Seiko, however, uses extremely little energy; only 20% of the amount of energy that ordinary GPS modules need.

Form follows function

The design of the Astron is extremely slim despite the many functions. The case and lugs are bent just enough to be able to wear the watch comfortably on the wrist. Those who opt for a titanium version will have a lightweight watch. The GPS antenna of the Astron is also unique. It has the shape of a ring hidden under the ceramic bezel of the watch. This not only looks very nice, it also ensures optimal reception of the GPS signal. And last but not least, the sapphire crystal of the Astron is coated with a special anti-reflective layer, making the watch easy to read under every viewing angle.

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