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Solar powered watches

Solar watches

A solar watch - a special type of watch where sunlight is used to charge the internal battery. Simply put, a solar watch charges by means of light. Sounds advanced, how does this work exactly? Tiny solar cells, which are invisibly incorporated into the watch face, capture sunlight and convert it into energy. This energy is stored in the rechargeable battery, which in turn sets the hands in motion, keeping the watch perfectly on time. No daylight available? With many models this is no problem at all, since they can also charge themselves by means of artificial light.

To know how much solar energy your solar watch still has stored, you can consult the battery indicator. With a full battery, a solar watch can last one to twelve months, depending on the brand and the model. If the watch is completely stopped, a few minutes of light is often enough for it to start running again. However, many modern solar watches are equipped with GPS and have handy energy-saving options. Often they will go into a stand-by mode when you don't use them for a while or when it is dark.

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Easy payments via Apple Pay
Easy payments via Apple Pay
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Buying a solar watch

Our collection of solar watches consists of several brands for both women and men, including Seiko, Pulsar, Bering and Casio Edifice. Within this collection you can find various styles, including rugged models with a link band but also classic solar watches with a leather watch band or minimalistic models are available. Whichever brand you choose, you are guaranteed years of pleasure from your purchase. Please note that a solar battery needs to be replaced about once every ten years.

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