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Timex watches

The iconic American watch brand Timex became world famous in 1950, year in which they introduced the world’s first inexpensive yet reliable mechanical watch movement, a new wristwatch called the Timex. The groundbreaking invention was regarded as the watch that “takes a licking and keeps on ticking” due to the extensive live torture tests performed on the watch back then. Fast forward to 1990s Timex continued to innovate in technology and style, when they introduced the first electroluminescent watch face in 1992, also known as Indiglo® which today is present in more than 75 percent of all Timex watches.
By the beginning of the 21st century, Timex has positioned as a leader in technological innovation and design with advancements on Lifestyle-focused products that became instant success. The new generation of timepieces tells more than just time. They are performance sports tools that calculate speed and distance with GPS technology, heart rate monitors help athletes train smarter, and compasses and altimeters allow adventurers to explore further.
Today the Timex Corporation is the nation’s leading watch manufacturer and has a large and diverse collection of watches that suit virtually every style.

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Promaster: for everyone

The Citizen Promaster is available in different sizes, from 33 mm to 49 mm. So there is a suitable Promaster for every wrist. Another advantage is the robustness. These watches are made of high quality materials, which benefits the life of the watches. Citizen has produced a real gem of a watch collection with the Promaster line. Explore every blue depth with this quality dive watch. You can choose from the Promaster Land, Sea or Sky; all three models have very clear readability and run extremely accurately.