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Apple Watch bands size table

Which Apple Watch do I own? 

You can find the model number of your Apple Watch in the Watch app on your iPhone or on your Apple watch. 

Find Apple Watch model number on your iPhone 

Tap the My Watch tab, then tap General > About. Find the "Model" field. The part number starts with an 'M'. Tap the "Model" field. The field will be updated to a five-digit number starting with "A". This is the model number of your Apple watch. 

Find Apple Watch model number on your Apple Watch

Go to Settings > General > About. In the "Model" field you will find the model number of your Apple Watch.

What is the size of my Apple Watch? 

In the table below you will find the size of your Apple watch per series and model number. The same model number is used for all series of Apple Watches, regardless of the material the watch is made of. So it doesn't matter if you have an aluminum or stainless steel version of a particular Apple Watch, because the model number is the same. However, each Apple Watch size has a different model number.

Which band fits my Apple Watch? 

All Apple Watches in the left column fit Size 1 bands. All Apple Watches in the right column fit Size 2 bands.

Apple Watch bands size table

 Size 1Size 2
Ultra A2622 (49mm) 
A2684 (49mm) 
A2859 (49mm)
Series 8 (2022)A2770 (41mm)
A2772 (41mm)
A2773 (41mm)
A2857 (41mm) 
A2771 (45mm)
A2477 (45mm) 
A2478 (45mm) 
A2857 (45mm) 
SE (gen 2)A2722 (40mm)
A2726 (40mm) 
A2725 (40mm) 
A2855 (40mm) 
A2723 (44mm)
A2727 (44mm) 
A2724 (44mm)
A2856 (44mm) 
Series 7 (2021)A2473 (41mm)
A2475 (41mm)
A2476 (41mm)
A2474 (45mm)
A2477 (45mm)
A2478 (45mm) 
Series 6 (2020)A2291 (40mm)
A2293 (40mm) 
A2375 (40mm) 
A2292 (44mm)
A2294 (44mm) 
A2376 (44mm) 
SE (2020)A2351 (40mm)
A2353 (40mm) 
A2355 (40mm) 
A2352 (44mm)
A2354 (44mm) 
A2356 (44mm)
Series 5 (2019)A2092 (40mm)
A2094 (40mm) 
A2156 (40mm)
A2093 (44mm)
A2095 (44mm) 
A2157 (44mm) 
Series 4 (2018)A1977 (40mm)
A1975 (40mm) 
A2007 (40mm)
A1978 (44mm)
A1976 (44mm) 
A2008 (44mm)
Series 3 (2017)A2291 (38mm)
A1860 (38mm)
A1889 (38mm) 
A1890 (38mm) 
A2292 (42mm)
A1861 (42mm) 
A1891 (42mm) 
A1892 (42mm)
Series 2 (2016)A1757 (38mm)
A1816 (38mm)
A1758 (42mm)
A1817 (42mm)
Series 1 (2016)A1802 (38mm)A1803 (42mm)