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Free 1-year extended warranty*

 From October 1, 2016 HWG offers a free one-year extended warranty on watches. This is a special and unique free service which extends the manufacturer’s warranty for one year.
The start date of the (manufacturer’s/factory) warranty is the date on your warranty card or the date on your invoice.
For the (factory) warranty terms and duration of the guarantee, please see the warranty card / booklet with your watch. In addition, the following conditions apply:
- The extended warranty only applies to watches purchased at HWG from October 1, 2016 and starts from one day after the manufacturer's warranty ends.

- The manufacturer's warranty is valid world wide with all official dealers.The extended warranty is valid only at
- Watch brands of which HWG is official dealer, but not purchased at HWG, can be offered at HWG for repair under warranty within the manufacturer’s warranty period. For these watches the free one year extra warranty by HWG after expiration of the factory warranty period, isn’t valid.
- The additional warranty does not cover watch straps and other accessories.
- Use of original brand spare parts for repairs under the HWG additional warranty is subject to availability at the manufacturer.
- In the event of cessation of business by the manufacturer, for example through bankruptcy, HWG may use non-proprietary parts.


* Does not apply for Smartwatches


Frequently asked questions

My watch no longer works and is still under warranty. Is it broken and do I need to send it for repair?

Most of the time when a quartz watch stops running, it is caused by an empty battery. Please feel free to have the battery exchanged by a good trusted jeweller or official dealer of the brand. If the watch still doesn’t work after the battery change, the watch has to be offered at an official dealer for warranty. 

My mechanical watch loses/gains time.

Mechanical watches may show a deviation in timekeeping. The limit for this deviation is +6 minutes and -4 minutes per 24 hours. As this differs by brand, you can always find this allowed deviation in the manual provided. Does your watch clearly show a greater deviation? In that case, please contact an authorized dealer of your brand with your valid warranty.

How do I claim warranty on a broken watch?

If you would like to claim the warranty on your watch, please contact our Customer Service department. Please include the valid, stamped warranty card and/or purchase invoice with your warrant claim. Warranty can be claimed at most brand authorized jewellers & sales points. Some brands will demand you go to the original sales point with your warranty claim. Read the warranty card/booklet for further information.
If you wish to claim the extended HWG warranty, we accept the stamped warranty card, or the HWG invoice as proof of warranty.

The strap of my watch is broken/torn, what do I do?

Unfortunately straps are not covered by the factory warranty. However, we feel as our customer you are entitled to a properly functioning product If you think the product you received is faulty due to a manufacturing error, please contact our customer service and provide us with clear pictures of the problem. Using clear photos we can assertain the problem, and find a suitable solution for you.

My watch crystal is broken/cracked, what do I do?

Unfortunately the watch crystal is not covered by the factory warranty. Breakage through strikes, impact, falling, etc. is never covered by the warranty. If you are of the opinion the breakage is due to a manufacturing error, please contact our Customer Service department to discuss your options.

Do I need to send back the brand box when returning a watch for repair?

No, when you return a watch for repair or a warranty claim, we only want to receive the watch and a valid warranty card and/or purchase invoice.


Warranty coverage

Please check the warranty booklet for information on what is covered by the warranty. Store this booklet in a safe place, so you know where to find it in case you need it. In general, the factory warranty covers defects in the materials and the movement. The factory warranty does not cover damage caused by daily wear or excessive use or abuse of the bracelet, appendages and crystal. The warranty does not cover water damage when the watch is not used according to manufacturer's guidelines. All watches are shipped in working order. The warranty does not cover battery life and/or battery replacement. The warranty is usually void if unauthorized repairs have been performed by anyone other than an authorized dealer of the brand.
For all the brands of which we are licensed dealer, you will receive a worldwide warranty. This is the same warranty you would receive from any official dealer of that brand. We also provide assistance if you need to make a warranty claim. In all cases, the watch will be checked and repaired by a licensed watchmaker or by the manufacturer itself.

For watch winders and watch boxes, the same warranty will apply with a maximum warranty period of 2 years.

What about warranty on Second Chance watches?

Second Chance watches are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. This means that you cannot go to another dealer for a warranty claim.
We have our own service center, where you are still covered for one year via us for any defects that occur in materials and the timepiece.
This Holland Watch Group warranty does not cover damage from normal daily use, or overuse or abuse to the strap, attachments or glass.

How to claim warranty

As reseller we are by law responsible for the legal warranty of our products. This means we are as first party liable for the guarantee on the product even when the manufacturer offers a worldwide warranty.

Repairs under warranty

In case you require repairs under warranty, we kindly ask you to contact us to report your problem. If the problem you're having with your watch is covered by the warranty, we will send the watch to the factory. If the service work required is not covered by the warranty, we will let you know as soon as possible. In most cases the repair time is around 4-7 weeks depending on the availability of spare parts. In the rare case we think de complaint is not covered by warranty, we will contact you as soon as possible. Upon receipt, we will check the watch and determine whether your complaint is under warranty and if so, then the watch will be sent to the manufacturer. In the event that we believe that it is not under warranty, we will let you know ASAP. Usually, the repair time around 4-7 weeks, this is due to the availability of parts.