watch winders


A watchwinder is the perfect solution for watches with an automatic movement, because this type of watch requires movement of the wrist to wind itself up. This also means that when a watch with an automatic movement is not worn, it will come to a standstill.


Despite the fact that automatic watches can be wound manually, there is an easier option: a watchwinder. A watchwinder ensures that your watch keeps moving because of the rotating movement. This imitates a natural wrist movement and your watch will never come to a standstill.

Which watchwinder is suitable for my watch?

To know which watchwinder is suitable for your watch, two things are important: the number of rotations per day your watch needs to keep running (TPD - turns per day) and whether your watch rotates left or right. If you don't know how many rotations your watch needs, choose a watchwinder with a high number of TPD. If a watchwinder makes fewer rotations per day than necessary, the watch may come to a standstill.

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