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Free bracelet adjustment service

Watches with metal bracelets often need adjusting to fit your wrist. If you specify your wrist size when ordering your watch we will happily adjust the bracelet for you free of charge before sending the watch to you.


What is the standard bracelet length for my watch?

You can find the minimum and maximum bracelet length under the Specifications tab on the product page.


How to measure your wrist

You can measure your wrist size with a piece of string which you measure against a ruler. Allow about half a centimeter (1/4 inch) of slack to prevent the bracelet being too tight. Click here for detailed instructions on how to measure your wrist.

In case you need an extension to the original bracelet, we must order extra links from the manufacturer. Additional links may incur a charge. We will contact you to inform you of any possible delays or additional charges. 

The bracelet adjustment procedure

Simply choose your wrist size from the drop-down menu on the product detail page and we will make sure the watch bracelet is adjusted accordingly before being sent.  We will include the leftover links with the watch.


Terms and conditions 

Watches with bracelets adjusted by HWG are still eligible under our refund policy. 

Our watch bracelet adjustment service  is a free and additional service, therefore we cannot provide any compensation for consequential losses for failure to adjust the bracelet, or inaccuracies in the adjustment.

In almost every case the measurement will be correct, in some cases it may be necessary to have the watch further adjusted at a local jeweller or watchmaker. We do not recommend you adjust the bracelet yourself. Watches which have been adjusted using improper tools or methods are not eligible under our refund policy. 


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