Seiko watch straps

Original replacement straps for Seiko watches

Check the model number on the back case of your watch. Search the model number using the search box below:

Code to small? Use your phone!

You could take a sharp picture of the back case of your watch. Then you should be able to zoom in and see the model number more clearly.

Seiko watch straps

Seiko case-codes are ALWAYS a set of two letter/number combinations seperated by a dash (-). For example: 1100-4840, 6N42-00F0, W853-4000. Please note that the codes never contain the letter O. This is always a zero.


Please do not type any other texts than case-code or product code in the search field. If you wish to search for a Seiko sub-brand (e.g. Astron, Presage), please use the general search.


"Always one step ahead of the rest". This is the vision of Seiko and the reason that this brand is known as the world's most innovative watch manufacturer. Exactly the same goes for the watch bands, which are made of luxurious and qualitative materials. Our collection consists of leather bands as well as metal and titanium ones. Just as important - the classic and timeless appearance makes that your Seiko watch can last for a very long time.

In addition to variation in color and material, we also have bands in our collection suitable for specific watch models, for example Seiko 5, Seiko Kinetic and Seiko Prospex.

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